TabooHeat – Cory Chase In BBC Championship Season – Gym Motivation

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TabooHeat – Cory Chase In BBC Championship Season – Gym Motivation

Building a Team-

One of the players, John Long, is walking around the gym, but he is unsure of how to use the equipment. Cory Chase, the coach’s wife, walks into the gym and she offers to help John work out in the gym! John really wants to build up some muscle today, and he doesn’t want to injure himself. Cory starts to show John around the gym, and she helps him with some work outs. A few minutes later, Cory is sweating from her work out and she asks John if he would mind if she took her top off. He tells her that he doesn’t mind, so she lifts her shirt over her head, and reveals a yellow bra. Then, she pulls her shorts down to the ground, leaving just a yellow thong on her body. Cory lifts up some weights and she starts to do squats, while she has John spot her ass. John is starting to feel his cock get hard under his shorts. Cory offers to help him get rid of some of his performance anxiety… She gets down on her knees in front of John, and she pulls his huge BBC out from under his shorts. She starts to give him a nice, wet blowjob. Then, she pulls her big tits out from under her yellow bra, and she flings her bra to the ground. They walk over to the weight bench and John lies down on the bench with his cock straight up in the air. Cory sits down on his cock and she rides his cock in the reverse cowgirl position. She flips over into the cowgirl position a few moments later. She just loves bouncing up and down on his BBC! Cory lies down on her back next, and she holds her legs up behind her head. John starts to fuck her pussy in this position, until he is ready to fuck her ass hole. Cory stands up and gets into the doggystyle position, while she is leaning against the weight bench. John stands behind her and shoves his huge cock deep inside of her ass. She flips back over into the missionary position and he fucks her pussy this time. He fucks her ass and pussy, back and forth, over and over, until he is ready to cum! He cums deep inside of her pussy, and then she licks his cock clean…

Threesome with Coach’s Wife-

Cory and John walk into Cory’s bedroom, and she leaves her bra on the door handle to let the rest of the team know that they’re in there. It doesn’t take long before Cory pulls John’s BBC out from under his basketball shorts. Cory gets down on her knees and she starts to give John a blowjob. While his cock is in her mouth, Cory’s husband AKA Luke Longly the coach walks into the room! Cory continues to give John a blowjob, while her husband pulls his pants down. Cory is now giving a double blowjob to her husband Luke and their player John. ‘She’s definitely a good asset to the team, coach!’ John tells Luke, while she has both of their cocks in her mouth. Once both of their cocks are hard, Cory gets into the doggystyle position on the bed. John goes to her pussy and Luke goes to her mouth. The two men switch places and John starts to face fuck Cory while Luke fucks her from behind. Cory begs for the two of them to stretch out her holes together… so, Cory hops on top of John and Luke gets behind her. John’s cock is deep inside of Cory’s pussy, while Luke is now fucking her ass at the same time with double penetration. Cory’s eyes shoot wide open as the two men stick their cocks in her ass at the same time now, giving her double anal. She flips over into the doggystyle position and they do double penetration again. Cum starts dripping out of Cory’s ass as John is fucking her from behind. John moves his cock to Cory’s mouth, and Luke fucks Cory’s ass and pussy back and forth. Cory hops on top of her husband next and she rides his cock with her ass, in the reverse cowgirl position. John walks over to them and he joins Luke, by fucking Cory’s ass at the same time Luke is. Cory’s eyes grow wide again as she receives the double anal. Cory opens her mouth as Luke jerks his cock off into her mouth and all over her face. He explodes all over her a ton of cum! John is next, so he fucks her pussy until he is ready to cum too. Then, he jerks his cock off into Cory’s mouth as well. Cory is soaked in cum!!