SexArt – Sarah Kay – Finally Alone / 10.07.2020

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Cute brunette Sarah Kay sits talking to Lutro, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Finally Alone” begins. Unbuttoning her shirt flirtatiously, she straddles him, kissing him as she grinds in his lap. Moving to the sofa, Lutro removes Sarah’s white lace bra and sucks her perky breasts, her nipples stiffening in response. The horny beauty pulls her man’s pants down, licking the length of his cock and taking it in her mouth, sucking until it’s rigid. Panties around one ankle, she impales herself on his erection, her sexy ass rising and falling as she rides. Lutro lifts his slender sweetheart and flips her onto her back, eating her shaved pussy until she orgasms breathlessly. He thrusts back into her in missionary, one of her long legs up on his shoulder to deepen the penetration as he fucks her to another climax. Lutro keeps right on thrusting until Sarah orgasms again, before filling her with his hot cum. It trickles out as she stands and heads to the shower, leaving him dazed and delighted.