RKPrime – Oxana Chic – Play And Get Played

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Oxana Chic is a bad, bad sister. Not only the brunette walks in the house with revealing panties, but she also hits on her sister’s boyfriend. She gets on all fours, looks around for an earring she dropped on purpose, only to wiggle her cute little butt before the boy’s eyes. When Oxana kneels before him to suck his dick, the tricked sister remains completely oblivious, too focused on her stupid video game. Oxana also plays a stupid games : she tries to get her sister’s attention while her boyfriend’s cock is deep down her throat. The unfaithful boyfriend licks her clit and bangs her pussy with great dedication, but even Oxana’s loud moans are not enough to distract the cucked sister. The guilty lovers fuck literally everywhere around the living room, but whatever the poor girlfriend’s playing, she can’t get her eyes off the screen. The advised viewer, however, won’t miss a second of the nice cumshot Oxana receives all over her pretty face.