RKPrime – Gianna Dior – Sex Inherited

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Pornstar : Gianna Dior


Ricky Johnson’s father has passed away. With that bad news comes something good – a hefty inheritance which his sexy stepsister, Gianna Dior, expects to receive a cut of. So she’s pretty shocked to hear that her step-daddy didn’t leave her a single penny and instead left everything to Ricky. Well, a girl’s gotta eat, and Gianna is more than happy to strike a deal with her step-brother. Simply, if she fucks him, he’ll give her a quarter of the inheritance money. And fucks him she does. Ricky is eager to please and kicks things off with some thorough pussy licking. Then Gianna returns the favor, taking Ricky’s big hard cock into her mouth and sliding it in and out of her throat. Finally, they get to what they agreed upon – the actual fucking. Ricky rams his cock into Gianna’s pussy until he can’t take it a second longer and unleashes his cum onto Gianna’s pretty face.