RKPrime – Avery Black – Averys Fake Fight

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Pornstar : Avery Black


Devilish Avery Black is craving some make-up sex. That pleading, desperate, frustrated fucking that can only come out when a couple vents all their energy after an argument… The clawing fingers, moaning dirty talk… There’s something about it that just makes her pussy ache for attention. So she sets up a trap for her boyfriend. Avery is going to blow up about some minor issue and then ignore her boyfriend as he pleads and apologizes, eventually realizing that the only way to make it better is to slide his fingers between Avery’s soft thighs… Knead her perky tits and bite her back as she tries to focus on her video games… Before eventually giving in and fucking her senseless, dripping hot cum over her pouty lips as she plants her digital trees. That’s one way to end an argument!