PureTaboo – Dee Williams And Katie Morgan – Codependent

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SCENE OPENS to two women, Clara (Dee Williams) and Beth (Katie Morgan), sitting across from each other at a table. Beth remarks anxiously that Spencer is late again, and hopes that they won’t have to wait as long this time. For their last joint prayer session, he was TWO HOURS late.

Finally, Spencer (Dick Chibbles) arrives. It quickly becomes clear that he is married to both Clara and Beth. To their shock, he says that the reason for his lateness is that he’s been seeing another woman, and he wants to make her his third wife.


Days later, at Clara’s house, her doorbell rings. Clara approaches her front door and opens it, letting Beth in. Beth thanks Clara for inviting her over. Clara admits this feels weird, because they usually only get together for situations that are supposed to include Spencer, such as their joint prayer sessions. But she doesn’t have anybody else she can talk to about their situation. Beth says she feels the same way, and Clara leads her further into the house.

A short time later, Clara and Beth are sitting apart from each other on the couch, complaining about Spencer neglecting them. They realize that Spencer might have encouraged some rivalry between them, and decide to put that rivalry aside.

Over the course of the next several weeks, Clara and Beth spend more and more time with each other, and their bond strengthens. Finally, one day, Clara and Beth are sitting right next to each other on the couch in Clara’s living room. They bond some more, and decide they don’t need Spencer’s attention if they have each other.

Beth rests her head in Clara’s lap, looking up at her. Clara looks a bit surprised, but then smiles and begins to affectionately stroke Beth’s hair. After a few minutes of this, Clara’s free hand clasps one of Beth’s hands, and they both smile. Eventually, Beth gets up and moves in for a kiss, but then stops for a moment. Clara takes a deep breath for courage, and then nods at her. They kiss, which leads to them having sweet, passionate sex.

Even though Beth and Clara have found solace in each other, they can’t keep their affair from Spencer forever. But what WILL he do when he finds out?