PureTaboo – Alex Coal – Close Enough To The Real Thing

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Faith (Alex Coal) and Ryan (Isiah Maxwell), a happily married couple, talk about how excited they are to be trying to get pregnant. They discuss potential names for their future bundle of joy, jokingly coming up with silly suggestions at first. But then Ryan gives Faith a book of names as a gift, and she is deeply touched by the sweet gesture. She asks him if he thinks she’ll be a good parent, and he assures her that she’ll be amazing. He also adds that he’ll be right there with her, so no matter what happens, they can deal with it together.

CUT TO several weeks later. It becomes clear that Ryan has died, and Faith is wracked with grief. She gets a text from Chris, Ryan’s sibling, but doesn’t respond. Faith finds the book of names and reads an inscription in the front that Ryan wrote, ‘Faith, If anyone can do it you can! Let’s make it happen. – Ryan’. She remembers the text from Chris and gets an idea, sending him a message asking if she can come over. Later that day, Faith shows up at Chris’ house, where it is revealed that Chris (Isiah Maxwell) is Ryan’s twin.


Inside, Faith reveals the reason she has come to see Chris: she wants him to impregnate her with the bundle of joy that Ryan never had the chance to. After all, Chris is the closest Faith can get to having Ryan’s genes. Chris is stunned by the proposal, pointing out the fact that he and Ryan are different people. But Faith is determined to make her departed husband’s last wish come true, no matter what. Can she convince Chris to go forward with her plan?