Natasha Teen Squirts Hard After DP Fuck with 2 BBC Plumbers

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Natasha Teen is in the shower, masturbating with a massive black dildo when she’s interrupted by a knock at the bathroom door. It’s the two black plumbers who’ve been fixing her kitchen sink. They’ve completed their work and want to show Natasha that her kitchen sink is now working. So, Natasha takes the dildo out of her ass, puts on a tiny white towel, opens the door, and goes out into the kitchen to inspect the work. While she’s checking out her newly fixed kitchen sink her towel happens to slip off, leaving her completely exposed in front of the two plumbers. The two men quickly take advantage of the situation and pull out their BBCs. Within seconds, Natasha is blowing both men. The men go on to double penetrate Natasha with their BBCS, before making her squirt and blowing their massive loads on her face.