GoStuckYourself – Riley Jacobs – Stuck Nanny With No Panties

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Nanny Riley Jacobs is cleaning up the household. She gets down on her hands and knees to clean beneath a table, but when she tries to back out, she realizes she’s stuck and starts to panic. While she’s struggling to get out, the oldest son of the family, Brick Danger, happens by and sees her. He’s shocked and innocently approaches to offer to help but Riley panics again and tells him to fetch his dad instead. Brick hurries off, calling out to his dad. A moment later, Brick arrives with his dad, Preston Parker, who is curious and concerned when he sees Riley stuck. As Preston squats down behind Riley to help, he can see that she’s not wearing any panties. Preston is shocked and quickly sends Brick away. Riley is embarrassed about not wearing any underwear and asks for Preston’s help getting unstuck. Preston admits that he feels guilty about being aroused by the sight of Riley’s pussy and is so distracted by it he doesn’t immediately help her get unstuck. Preston says he won’t be able to until he calms down. Riley invites Preston to fuck her, knowing that fucking her will help him calm down enough to help her get unstuck. Preston is very hesitant but unable to resist. He takes his cock out of his pants and slides it into her tight pussy as Riley moans. Riley’s certainly gotten herself into quite the predicament!