GoStuckYourself – Lauren Phillips & Vanna Bardot – Moms Stuck In The Washer Again

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Lauren Phillips is busy loyally doing the laundry for her family when she accidentally gets stuck in the washing machine. This is obviously not the first time this has happened, which is soooo embarrassing, and she calls out to her stepson, Codey Steele, and stepdaughter, Vanna Bardot, to help get her free. But when Codey and Vanna arrive, they refuse to help, wanting to teach Lauren a lesson about being more careful with the washer. Desperate for help, Lauren proposes that the stepsiblings make a game out of helping her. This intrigues and arouses the mischievous stepsiblings as THEY set the rules of the game… They will do various sexy things to Lauren and Lauren has to guess who is doing each act. After three correct guesses, they will help Lauren out. Although she’s exasperated, Lauren wants to be free already so she agrees to the ridiculous game. But once the rascals start the game, doing all kinds of naughty things to her, Lauren decides that maybe being stuck isn’t so bad after all!