DevilsFilm – Aria Banks – Take A Ride On The Bi Train

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Aria Banks and Rodrigo Amor are a married couple who wish to start a new clothing business, but they want to know if it will be successful. They ask a psychic medium, Draven Navarro, for advice. Draven says that if Aria and Rodrigo keep their thoughts focused on the clothing business while holding his hands, Draven will be able to psychically reach another dimension to know their future.

However, when Draven tries to reach the other dimension, he claims that something is blocking him. Aria and Rodrigo are upset, but Draven says that it’s because they’re not keeping their thoughts focused on the business. Draven explains that one of them is thinking about… a cock going into Rodrigo’s mouth? Aria looks a bit guilty, and it turns out that she has a fantasy about taking part in a bisexual sex train with Rodrigo and another guy.

Draven says that in order to remove the block so he can finally reach the other dimension, they’ll have to live out Aria’s sexual fantasy so she’ll stop thinking about it. Aria is all for it, and Rodrigo takes the clothing business very seriously, so he agrees as well. They remove Draven’s pants and take turns touching and sucking his cock, then get undressed for even more fun, including the bi sex train of Aria’s dreams!