CaughtFapping – Victoria Voxxx – Required Reading

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A librarian, Michael Vegas, enters the office of the school principal, Victoria Voxxx. Micheal wants to discuss a book that Victoria has banned from the school library. Victoria is obviously disgusted by the book, but Michael tries to argue against the ban, insisting that demonizing the content is wrong and they should have it available for the senior students. Victoria disagrees, thinking the book is pure smut with no educational value. Michael asks if Victoria has even read the book. She’s shocked, declaring that she hasn’t, given that it’s nothing but filth. Michael is frustrated but defeated, and leaves – but accidentally leaves the book behind. Victoria prepares to throw the book away… but hesitates. She decides that she might as well read a bit of the book to know what she’s up against. Victoria skims through the book, and lands on a steamy section. She is shocked but unable to put the book down, as she unexpectedly becomes aroused by the content. Getting increasingly turned on, Victoria masturbates while reading, but is interrupted when Michael returns for the book and is shocked to see what she’s doing! Victoria is mortified, blaming the book for her indiscretion. Michael argues that she’s using it as an excuse and that maybe all of this has to do with her own sexual frustrations. It seems to him that she’s JEALOUS that the characters in the book are having sex and she’s not! Victoria tries to deny it, but it’s clear that Michael’s struck a nerve. Finally, she spreads her legs and tells Micheal to help her work out her frustrations, starting with eating out her pussy. Maybe then she’ll change her mind about the book!