AdultTime – Alison Rey & Jesse Pony – Lust Triangles Room For A Third

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AdultTime – Alison Rey & Jesse Pony – Lust Triangles Room For A Third

Robby Apples has recently moved in with two other roommates, Alison Rey and Jesse Pony. Adding to that, Robby and Alison ended up going on a date- which apparently went very well, though they didn’t end up fooling around with each other. The next morning, Alison goes to greet Robby, who’s watching TV on the couch. Alison flaunts her body a bit, clearly trying to get Robby to make a move. Sadly for Alison, however, Robby either isn’t interested, or isn’t cluing into what Alison is trying to do.

Alison gives up and goes to take a shower, but runs into Jesse in the hallway. She confides in Jesse about her failed attempts to get Robby to make a move on her, and then heads to the bathroom. Jesse, thinking that Robby is up for grabs, goes to make a move on him at the couch, but is surprised when he turns her down as well. It’s revealed that Robby actually really likes Alison- he just doesn’t want to pressure her into sex. That’s when Jesse gets a mischievous idea…

She lies, telling Robby that Alison isn’t into him at all. Robby is disheartened but figures that he may as well accept Jesse’s offer now that he’s been seemingly tossed aside by Alison. They start fucking right there on the couch but are shocked when Alison comes out of the bathroom in a skimpy towel. Jesse manages to hide nearby without Alison noticing. Thing is… Alison ends up walking in on Robby, who is naked and sporting a massive erection.

Much to Robby’s confusion, Alison seems excited by Robby’s nudeness. After all, he thinks she doesn’t like him, but Alison thinks this is him making a move on her. Alison comes on to him, and the two start fucking, with Jesse trying to sneak out from her hiding spot. Unfortunately for Jesse, however, she is discovered trying to make her escape by the other two. Jesse admits to Alison and Robby that she tried to sabotage their burgeoning relationship, and hopes they will forgive her. Luckily for Jesse, however, Robby and Alison are willing to invite her in for a ‘roomie’ threesome as a way to make amends.